Become a face of the day!

Help me show the world that GLBT folks are normal people by becoming a face of the day!

If you're interested in becoming a face of the day, ask yourself one question.
"Am I straight?"
If you answered "No" then you qualify! Please e-mail me a head shot (or a link to one) and a short autobiographical blurb. Don't overthink it. Forget for a minute that this is for an advocacy blog, and tell me what you'd say to a stranger at a party who said "So, tell me about yourself." I want to show that, straight or otherwise, each of us is a whole human being not wholly defined by our sexuality.

You and your partner
Some couples have asked to appear together. As I told them, my goal for this blog is to reduce the equation to the lowest common human denominator: a single face. I want to give people the least possible excuse to turn away. So I don't put couples shots on the blog, but here's what I can do: If you send me two pictures and two blurbs (one for each of you) I will post them together on the same day. Go ahead and include the couple shot, because I'll add it to my Picasa web album and link to it from each of your entries!

I look forward to hearing from you!