Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Great Nationwide Kiss-In: Update and Videos

There are 50 confirmed events for the Great Nationwide Kiss-In this Saturday, along with others that are entering the final planning stages. This is an international LGBT rights event, and has already found coverage through the AP, the Advocate, and a number of local publications. Please support it by getting the word around to everyone you know. Please see the press release, which includes a link to the national Facebook group page. This provides additional information, as well as a full list of cities and towns that are involved.

Check out the Kiss-In promotional videos from organizer David Mailloux's site.

"Kiss Me" (See David's original post.)

"This Kiss" (See David's original post.)

"I Love You" (See David's original post.)


  1. Oh, Hugh... you called me earlier to ask about the embed codes and I was supposed to call you back and... shit, I'm sorry. This has been a mostly awful evening, and I completely forgot. :-(

  2. No problem. I found the embed code five minutes after I called. I should have RTFM in the first place.