Saturday, September 19, 2009

Meet Tym

I have been called or called myself many things in my life.

In my early life: Son, brat, brother, hoosier, friend, singer, choreographer, dancer, lover of life, fun, school mascot, lead singer in several bands, artist, sexually confused, depressed, etc.....

In my 20s to mid 40s: Young business owner, easily manipulated, broken, forgotten dreams, miserable, hopeless, easy to take advantage of, lost, alcoholic, drug abuser-user-and addict for almost 20 yrs, smoker for almost 30yrs, abused, used, frightened, sick, at death's door, extremely depressed, etc.....

My mid to late 40s (present), I've been called: A miracle, amazing, rehab completer, drug and alcohol free, smoke free, lover of life, talented, singer, film-tv-and stage actor, inspiration, writer, friend, lover of life, artist, gay, honorable, internet radio personality, very very spiritual, happy, etc!!!

And there is so much more ahead. All good.

As I say, I created a living hell for myself in the first part of my adult life. A hell I don't wish on anyone. So for the 2nd 1/2 of my life...... I'm creating a living Heaven for myself!!..... If something doesn't bring me joy, then its not for me!!

I"m rediscovering who I truly am again and I"m loving it. I"m finally enjoying who I am, celebrating life and enjoying every wonderful moment of it. I suggest you do the same!!
I met Tym at the Kiss-In at Battery Park. He's the speaker in the third video I took that day. His simple and heartfelt statement made me proud to be part of the event: after experiencing the changes in how non-straight folks have been perceived during the last three decades, Tym was rightfully choked up as he stood there, able to publicly proclaim that he is gay and that he's a person like everyone else. I'm thrilled to have him as a face of the day. Thanks Tym!

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