Wednesday, September 30, 2009

National Equality March Funding Contest!

I have a job. I'm very grateful for that, not least because many of you out there aren't so lucky.

You or someone you know wants to go to the National Equality March. I very much want to go, but I can't because my out-laws are visiting on that weekend. I really like my out-laws, so I wouldn't miss their once-or-twice-a-year chance to visit for the world. So...
"You got your jobless gay rights advocate in my cash!"

"You got your cash on my jobless gay rights advocate!"
Grace and I just moved, so times are tight right now: we ended up having to put last month's rent on a credit card. I can't be Daddy Warbucks. But if you bring me one LGBT face for this blog between now and October 5, you'll get a chance to win a $50 donation to help you or a friend get to the march. And, above and beyond that donation, I'll do a gift-matching: If I get one reader to donate $50 to another person who otherwise couldn't afford to go, I'll make a second $50 donation.

What do you say? Let's help some folks get to the capital.

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  1. Hugh - you are amazing as always. Please let us know the lucky 'winner'.