Thursday, June 18, 2009

Meet Phillip

I'm a freelance musician in New York trying everyday to make the world a little better through music. When I'm not singing, conducting, or teaching, I enjoy reading a good book on my comfy sofa, having a delicious meal, playing with new tech toys, going to the theatre and the movies, shopping, or just plain walking around NYC. I'm not much of a sports person but I love swimming and cycling, and watching the occasional tennis match! I love travelling, especially to other countries. I grew up in Singapore even though I was born in Louisiana so I feel like I have the best of both cultures. I am very blessed to have a community of loving friends and family (both blood-relation and otherwise), supportive professional colleagues, and the love of my life with whom I have been together for four and a half years now. In fact, my partner was the one who got me hooked on dogs, especially golden retrievers (probably because he had one growing up!) Oh, and I also LOVE beer, but only the dark varieties ... although I'm slowly allowing myself to expand my palette. Slowly. I also adore desert wines and sweet whites. I am a through and through science fiction geek, both books and movies, and nothing sums that up more so than my love for Star Trek.

I'm really honoured and psyched to be part of this endeavour.

Phillip sang, along with me and a few other guys, at the baptism of my Goddaughter. I was a bit surprised to read that he only likes dark beers, because I plied him with some of my favorite beers at a social event last summer - Blue Point "Hoptical Illusion" and Tröegs "Hopback Amber", if I remember correctly - and he bravely tried them both, even though they're far from what I would consider dark. Phillip's a good guy to hang out with.

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