Friday, October 9, 2009

Meet Dan

I have wondered several times in the last year or so just what really happened to the past 10 or 15 years. How did I all of a sudden become a 43 year old man?! And was my 25th high school reunion really this past summer? I spend my days raising money for a small HIV/AIDS agency in Boulder, Colorado called Boulder County AIDS Project. I enjoy the challenge of convincing folks that AIDS is not over, that there is no cure for AIDS, and that AIDS agencies around the country are doing vital work. It blows my mind that as HIV rates increase to crazy numbers within the gay/bi male communities, very few people are actually talking about it. And even less are donating money to the groups making sure AIDS does not leave the headlines. Meanwhile I am always searching for the newest vegan yumminess. Yes, A gay vegan. Go figure. There are not many of us but we do exist. I am also one of those men who decided to marry the love of his life. My favorite t-shirt is the one I ordered from a Facebook ad that says “Marriage is so Gay”. During my work day I daydream about the next walk I get to take with my husband and our dogs, or about the beach house I want to rent next summer. I am still glad that I voted for Obama and very much hope he increases troops in Afghanistan. Many years in the US Navy might have something to do with that thought.
I met Dan after @BoulderAIDS followed me on Twitter and I asked if anyone there wanted to be a face of the day. Thanks, Dan, for contributing your face and story!

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