Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet Jett

My name's Jett Smith. I'm 28 and transgendered, meaning I was born female but live and identify as male. I was raised across the bay from San Francisco, and have lived in SF for the past ten years. I've worked all sorts of jobs, from security guard to managing a restaurant. Currently, I work as a Supported Living Skills Instructor for adults with developmental disabilities, such as autism. It is a challenging job, and I enjoy it, but I am also attending school. I hope to transfer to San Francisco State University next year, where I will first earn a degree in math and then obtain my teaching credentials. Ultimately, I'd like to teach math at the high school level. In the little free time I've got, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and doing outdoorsy things. I strive to live life fully and simply.
I met Jett when he responded to my post on the Facebook page for Original Plumbing, a magazine about FTM transsexuals. He graciously agreed to be a face of the day. Thanks Jett!