Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet Tom, aka Ramble Redhead

I currently live in Indiana with my partner Joe and we have been together for 3 years on Oct 6th. We have one dog Starbuck and two cats Bristow and Repeat. I am a podcaster who has a show called Ramble Redhead and for the past four years I have done interviews with members of the GLBT community and our allies. The main reason I do the show is because when I was younger I was picked on all of the time for being the shy and quiet kid and with some for being gay. My self esteem was an all time low and until I met my first partner did I begin to finally accept who I am - a gay man. From that point on, I wanted to do what I could to help people in our community. I hope that my show will be a voice for those people of all ages so hopefully then can live their lives proudly and not allow anyone treat them like second class citizens. I have been honored knowing that I have listeners all over the world and they have been touched by the stories they have heard.

Over the past four years, I have had guests like Kate Clinton, Leslie Jordan, Jason Stuart, Chad Allen, Daniel Choi, Wayne Besen, Sabrina Matthews, Rich Merritt and many many more.

Hope you will check it out at http://www.rambleredhead.com and you can subscribe to the show on Itunes.
I met Tom when he found me through Twitter and asked if I wanted to be on the show. I was thrilled and honored to accept. I don't think I did too badly; I sound incredibly nasal, but I'm used to that. The only complaint I have is that I said "Uh..." too much. Not too bad for my first podcast. Thanks to Tom for the opportunity! And congratulations to Tom and Joe - today is their third anniversary!

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