Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meet Matt

I’m one of those guys who always excelled academically, but was terrible in sports. So I coasted through elementary school, high school and even college as that over-achieving dork, getting in and out of college with an Aerospace Engineering degree in 4 years. Of course, one would think that with a degree like that, one’s future is set… not in my case. I worked as an engineer in a great research and development position (lasers used for manufacturing)… gold in the eyes of many of my peers. But I soon got bored and thought “I went to school for this!?” As the low man on the totem pole with just a BS degree (compared to all of their various PhDs around me), I had a chance to work on the equipment we developed alongside an occasional sales meeting or two. I soon realized “hey, I could do that… perhaps even better” and leapt at the chance to go from R&D into technical sales. It worked. I spent the next decade honing my sales and marketing skills, while still maintaining a strong foothold in the world of technology. So when the Internet came along, it was an easy transition to begin what I first thought was going to be a small online project for the GLBT community that soon morphed into one of the largest GLBT online communities of its time.

Being able to both feel comfortable with technology and, at the same time, apply that technology to our various new clients seeking to reach the online GLBT community (thanks to my sales and marketing experience in the laser machine tool world) was what allowed me and my little company to grow far beyond anything I had first imagined when I started this project in 1995. I’ve since sold everything and have moved on, focusing more as a consultant now with companies that still want to reach the online GLBT community, but with some of the more advanced marketing tools at their disposal such as Facebook, blogs and Twitter. I also enjoy doing webinars and seminars, educating these companies on both how to do it all themselves, as well as what are some of the latest tips and tricks being used when it comes to new technologies available today and on the horizon.
I met Matt after he followed me on Twitter, and he graciously agreed to be a face of the day. Please check out Matt's website, Thanks Matt!

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