Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet Hersband

I am a 56 year old lesbian, mother, and wife (or Hersband as I like to call the title). I pay taxes, donate to and volunteer for charities I feel are important(clean earth, childhood homelessness and equality for all). I share my children with my legal spouse, "Wife". Our children are honor students who march in their school's marching band. Our son wants to be a K9 police officer when he grows up, while our daughter wants to be a professional humanitarian. We have raised children who notice a need in someone around them and take action, sometimes even doing without themselves to give to others. I love my life, my mother loves me and accepts me, my father (God rest his soul) loves me and accepted me. I have a brother, a sister-in-law, a nephew and twin nieces, who all accept me and my life as no different than their own. I am a woman who lived through the days when being a lesbian would get me a trip straight to the padded cell and electric shock treatment. Thank goodness I had parents who loved the child they bore and realized that by hating me they hated a portion of themselves.

I have worked as an electrician, a hair dresser and an actress on Broadway. I was educated at both the University of Connecticut and New York University in Theater Arts. In all of my life experiences I have learned the most important lesson of all. If you speak hate out loud or even allow it to enter your being then you are creating a ripple of hate that is stronger than 100 smiles can ever break. That is why I am part of the solution rather than the problem, and have helped my wife raise our children to be the same.
I met Hersband through Twitter, and she very kindly spoke to Wife about contributing their faces and stories to this blog. Check out to find out about their show, their Vlogs, and their road tour: 50 weddings, 50 states, 50 weeks!

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