Saturday, July 4, 2009

Meet Waymon

I am just your average technogeek. I use new media and technology as a blogger and political consultant, focusing on social networking and youth outreach.

I’ve been happily partnered for over 7 years with my husband Anthony Niedwiecki, who as recently elected as a City Commissioner in Oakland Park, FL. We recently married in San Francisco, CA and have also received our civil union from Vermont and are registered domestic partners in Broward County, where we now live with our two wonderful dogs. We are also proud foster parents of a now college-aged son.

I’ve had lots of interesting jobs in the past: performer at Disney World, lounge singer, flight attendant, and personal trainer. All of these jobs helped prepare me for my current life in politics, which is the biggest three-ring circus of all.

I found Waymon through Twitter and he graciously agreed to be today's face. Thanks Waymon!

Check out Waymon's blog, THE HOMO POLITICO.

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