Friday, July 31, 2009

Meet Shenna

Approaching 27 years of existence, I've realized love has never rescued me like a knight in shining armour. Yet, I still believe in fairy tales. I'm a writer. (Period) Currently residing in NY, I'll always be a southern girl at heart. I often escape there to smell peace. I'm hoping 2010 grants me permanent residency there again. The next step for me would be Grad school. My biggest accomplishment this year has been the official launch of my website When it comes to my writing, I'm my own worse critic even when I receive the most amazing compliments. I'm currently working on a BookUmentary for "out" women of color. My purpose? I haven't discovered it yet. My mission? To create unity and positive progression in the LGBTQ community. One word to describe me? Humanitarian! If I can inspire and change one person's life, I'll know I made a difference. I just wanna be someone who leaves positive footprints in the world.
I met Shenna when she followed me on Twitter. As I told her, I loved her site at first, um... sight... because I'm a sucker for paisley and wild colors. I'm also impressed as heck with her enthusiasm and optimism. Thanks Shenna!

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