Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meet Wife

If I had to tell someone about me who had never met me I would tell them that I am someone who lives large, loves deep, can be hurt to the deepest fiber of my being, all while believing in the best in humanity. I have always been told that I have a special magical way of seeing the silveriest of linings in the darkest of clouds. I have been the person who has been kicked when down, living as a homeless youth and raised to the top of the world. (when my children were born.) I have learned some of life's hardest lessons, there are no money trees in any of my back yards past present or future and if I want love I have to be willing to give more love than I receive. I have been legally wed to my wife (or as she calls it Hersband) for 3 of both the hardest and best years of my life. We have two wonderful children who are caring, considerate and extremely bright.

Our lives are filled every day with activities in different causes we believe in the most. (Clean Earth, Equality, Keeping children off the streets.) My days are filled being mom, wife, counselor, student and so much more it would take me days to explain. I only wish that my time spent on this earth will be a time well spent making someone else's world a better place to live.

I believe in the Golden Rule as corny as that sounds and no matter what someone else does to me I will always and always have turned the other way and done my very best to do something nice in return. I also believe in the rule of "do no harm" this not only means to someone else it also means to myself. I believe that if everyone would live like that, though it is a hard way to live always thinking of what harm your actions may cause another and yourself, it is a way that makes life simpler than any other lesson I have learned.

The largest lesson I have learned in life is that there is cause and effect in everything we do, and we have to choose the positive of any option we have before us.

I have only met Wife indirectly, through Hersband. Check out to find out about their show, their Vlogs, and their Marriage Equality road tour: 50 weddings, 50 States, 50 Weeks!

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