Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meet Sherry

My name is Sherry Roberts and at this time I am running for Commissioner of Miami Beach. I find campaigning exciting, energizing and exhausting. I have been in community service for most of my adult life, but this is my first campaign. I spend 30 or more hours a week walking the neighborhoods and meeting residents. I find their stories inspiring and love this diverse city. I have always been in community service and currently serve on the Board of Adjustment. For the past 6 years I have been President of the Decoplage Condominium Association and prior to that, I held the position of Treasurer. I served on the Beach Preservation Committee for a two-year term. The second year I served as the Chair.

I am also a businesswoman having started a search firm when I was 29 years old. We established Psychological Transitions in 1993 and I serve as COO. Psychological Transitions is a mental health practice specializing in geropsychology. In 2007 we opened South Beach Boutique realty, a real estate agency dedicated to individual service to clients. I was the anniversary sponsor of the Mayor’s First Miami Beach Women’s’ Conference in March 26, 2009. The theme was empowerment.

I have been in a relationship with Alice Randolph, a geropsychologist, since 1983. We have raised our three sons together living first in Burton Ohio a rural Ohio historical village, then in suburbs of Cleveland. My son David, 38, is gay and in a relationship with a man whom we love. He is Entertainment Director at a prominent New York City theme restaurant. Alice’s sons, Matthew, a 39-year-old veterinarian and Lance a 34-year-old CPA are married and we share the 3 grandchildren.

We lived openly and were very active in the communities and we were often the only openly gay family. Our children and their friends called us “The Moms”. At the time we did not consider ourselves trailblazers or role models because we were just trying to be the moms but as we look back we are very proud. I like to think it might be a little easier for other “moms” to live openly because we did.

I found out about Sherry from Steve Rothaus's article about the Victory Fund's endorsement of her and another openly gay candidate for Miami Beach Commission. I e-mailed her and she very graciously agreed to be today's face of the day. Thanks, Sherry! I liked your picture so much that I uploaded the full-sized version.

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