Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meet Jay

I am an LGBT equality advocate, blogger, atheist and humorist - but otherwise, I conform completely to societal expectations.

When my partner of nearly 12 years proposed to me several years ago, it wasn't your traditional proposal. Although he presented a ring and asked me to marry him, there was a caveat - we had to go to Canada or some other jurisdiction where marriage equality exists.

Since that time, marriage laws throughout the United States have been equalizing in some states, but in our home state, Texas, not much has changed. People often wonder why I don't just move away. Although the real reason may be my fear of change, I like to say it's because Texas needs all the liberals it can get.

One day, I woke up and decided that I was tired of being afraid and more tired of waiting for someone else to make a difference. I began the blog with hopes of educating, inspiring and even recruiting new allies and friends. It's been a life changing event and I find myself often challenging my own beliefs and opinions. One day I may consider myself to be a progressive, liberal atheist; the next day, I'm more of a liberal, progressive atheist.

Last night was a particularly good night for spreading the word about Meet Adam and Steve, and Jay was one of my acquisitions.

Did that sound gay?

Thanks, Jay.

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