Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Meet James

I am James Taylor, Jr... a singer/songwriter currently residing in Ypsilanti, Michigan, although it's hard to call anyplace my home. I find home in my music, my work, my friends, my lover, and my family. I find home whenever "God" and my spiritual guiders are with me, guiding me, helping me, loving me. I am a student of Electronic Media & Film aka Telecommunications, so Television, Film, Radio, Audio, it's what I do.

I am simply a student, a songwriter, a friend, a boyfriend/lover/partner, a son, a brother, and a hard worker. I am just one person trying hard to be everything he can be and hope that everyone else is doing the same.

I currently write a music blog that can be found at! I even wrote about my wonderful experience auditioning for!

I am open to any questions, simply message/email me!

I can also be found at, , and!

Last night James contacted me on Twitter, mentioning that he'd found my blog and that he might want to be a face of the day. Tonight he answered my plea for another face of the day. Thanks James!

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